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  • Patio Furniture

    Patio Furniture

    With our patio furniture covers you will add years of life to your patio furnishings. Our covers stand up to Mother Nature better than any other cover out there, and they also look better than anything out there.
  • Auto/RV


    Help prolong the life of your Auto or RV - New or Old - by protecting it from rain, snow or sun with a heavy-duty cover from Outdoor Cover Pros.
  • Grill Covers

    Grill Covers

    Don't let the elements ruin your precious outdoor grill. Keep your grill looking like the day you bought it with a super durable outdoor cover from Outdoor Cover Pros.
  • Powersport Covers

    Powersport Covers

    Prevent outdoor elements or garage debris from getting the best of your bike, ATV or snow mobile. Protect them a great looking cover from Outdoor Cover Pros.

Outdoor Cover Pros

If you are like most others, you work very hard for your money. Americans in general do not spend as freely as they once did because inflammation remains a factor. Consumers have to think twice before buying luxury items. For this reason, we offer products here at Outdoor Cover Pros that will protect a multitude of items to keep them looking their best and operating efficiently for a longer period of time.

  • Patio Furniture – Despite what you may think, patio furniture is not made to be exposed to harsh weather, UV rays, dirt and bird droppings. We carry covers for sofas, loveseats, chaises, tables and chairs, umbrellas and even cushion bags. 
  • Grills – Even if you wheel your grill into a garage or under a sheltered area, it needs to be covered. Rodents, bugs, dirt and pollution can all infiltrate these items and have a negative effect on your health. We even carry the hard-to-find covers for fryers and smokers.
  • Air Conditioners – Window, central air and RV air covers are essential. They keep environmental elements, especially dust, leaves and debris from getting in the vents and motor. 
  • Equipment – Even the equipment that you use to maintain the exterior of your home and landscaping needs to be protected. Here at Outdoor Cover Pros, we offer tractor, lawn mower, generator, rototiller, pressure washer, snow blower, snow thrower and log splitter covers. 
  • Home and Garden – Items, such as patio heaters, fire pits, chimineas, fountains and log racks should be covered when not in use with water-resistant products. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your fire pit when the sun comes out after raining all day, without dealing with a soggy mess? 
  • Powersports – All-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, personal watercrafts and snowmobiles are all toys that are expensive to buy, costly to repair and nothing you want to replace sooner than you should have to. We offer covers for these items as well as some thoughtful accessories and organizers that anyone will appreciate. 
  • Golf – Whether you own a fleet of golf carts at your country club or you use one to get around your property, they should be protected when not in use. Not only that, items such as seat covers, enclosures, blankets, organizers and canopies will make the ride more enjoyable. 
  • Auto/RV – Many people overlook covering their recreational vehicle, but if it is not being used, there is no reason to leave it exposed. Antique and luxury vehicles do typically get covered, but quite often, a generic tarp of some sort is used. The product you use should be silky soft to not harm the paint job yet durable enough to offer protection. It should also feature elastic straps, zippers, etc., in all the right places to ensure a perfect fit. 
  • Boat – All boats need to be covered, not only the expensive ones. This is why we carry a full selection of not only traditional covers, but those specifically made for pontoon, pond and pedal boats as well as kayaks and canoes. 
  • Holiday Storage – Nearly everyone complains of tangled lights, broken decorations or smashed wreaths when the holiday season arrives. Here at Outdoor Cover Pros, we have storage solutions that will protect your tree, decorations and even organize wrapping paper and bows to use the following year.